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New Arpro grade means significant efficiency savings

News International-French

22 Jun 2012

A new grade of Arpro®, the specialist lightweight material, has been introduced by JSP which enables customers to achieve significant savings in inventory management, as well as logistical efficiency.

Arpro® 1000 - 5253 is an exceptional grade that customers can expand on site to a wide range of densities in a single step before the steam-chest moulding process. It is supplied at an initial density of 53 grams per litre (g/l) and has a broad expansion range of between 42 g/l and 18 g/l. The ability to expand Arpro on-site to 18 g/l in a single step is a significant development ‘first’.


Arpro® 1000 is a flexible solution that not only allows customers to mould multiple densities of ARPRO® from one grade but also makes the production process more efficient by increasing throughput, simplifying inventory and reducing transport costs.


Paul Compton, JSP President and Chief Executive Officer – Europe, Middle-East and Africa, explains: “Arpro® 1000 was initially introduced for ‘long haul’ customers who were spending significant amounts on transporting different or low density grades of Arpro from our manufacturing facilities to their production sites. Creating a high density grade that is more efficient to transport long distances and can be expanded locally is a compelling and cost-effective solution. The initial investment in additional processing equipment on site, if needed, is quickly offset by the resulting logistics savings. Transport costs can be reduced by as much as 75 per cent, which is a huge saving, especially in the current climate of ever-increasing fuel costs.


“This new grade of Arpro® 1000 has the added benefit of single step expansion to lower density– minimising the process cycle needed locally. For emerging markets especially and as manufacturing facilities extend geographically, we place great importance on providing a flexible and cost-effective solution to help stimulate growth in new regions.”


Arpro® is an essential product for the automotive, packaging and consumer goods industries that can be used in light weight, energy absorbing, and structural applications delivering environmental and economic value.