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New autoclaves for thermoplastics

News International-French

18 Jun 2012

JEC Asia 2012 - Based on the research, development and experience gained over the years, Italmatic has developed a new generation of autoclaves that can be operated at temperatures of over 450°C and pressures greater than 20 bar, in the presence of inert fluids such as nitrogen, CO2 or other mixes.

As part of its research, increasingly focused on energy saving, the company designed a direct-combustion  gas heating system that saves energy by up to 70% compared to the traditional electric heating system that has been used so far, which was the only way to reach such temperatures.


The system is complete with a dynamic combustion control system that, by means of suitable smoke analyzers, ensures high yields and low emissions in compliance with the current regulations. The new SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) control system or DCS (Distributed Control System) with redundant configuration made it possible to achieve the increasingly restrictive qualifications required in the aeronautical field, such as Boeing D6-49327 Rel_E, RPS 24.11, BAC 5621, etc. This new series of machines offers a competitive quality/price ratio, high performance, and reduced operating and maintenance costs compared to the traditional machines. The Dutch consortium TPRC, a world leader in the field of research on thermoplastic materials, is among the company’s customers.



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