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New bindings for freeriders

News International-French

17 Aug 2011

The market success of the Silvretta Pure touring ski binding was an invitation to push the envelope. The German company is presenting four new bindings for freeriders, children, climbers, and minimum-weight fanatics. Its new range of products meets all the segment’s needs

(Published on December 2005 – JEC Magazine #21)


Silvretta Pure’s absolutely minimum weight and unique comfort have already won over the market. Now Silvretta has come out with four new bindings. The sturdy but lightweight Silvretta FreeRide goes up to DIN 12 with outstanding descent properties. The steel fittings guarantee the stability and torsional rigidity needed for optimum transfer of power to the ski.


The moveable release mechanism with carbon rails allows more natural flex in the ski and, therefore, more accurate hold to help correct errors on all types of terrain and snow. The safety release system complies with safety standards for alpine ski bindings. Silvretta FreeRide is also perfect on downhill slopes. Its 40-mm height allows applying the required side pressure in all circumstances, so carving is possible even on the most difficult slopes. The binding can also be used with alpine ski boots.


Silvretta Pure Kidz is the world’s first touring ski binding for children and teenagers. For the first time, young touring enthusiasts can conquer the summits without having to compromise on equipment, since the binding can be easily adjusted as the child grows.


At barely 400 grammes heavier than the Silvretta Pure, the Silvretta X-Mountain for touring skiers guarantees absolute functionality and cost savings. But for those who decide not to compromise and want to continue ski touring with a lightweight, functional binding, the obvious choice is still Silvretta Pure, or the new Silvretta Performance.


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Silvretta Pure has been awarded a number of international prizes, notably the 2003 Outdoor Award for the most innovative product in the equipment category; the Adolf Loos State Prize for Design given out by the Austrian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Design Austria (the Austrian association of graphic designers), illustrators and product designers; and the JEC Group’s JEC Award.



These bindings have the basic step-in/step-out convenience and safety release system. Adjustment is possible using the ski pole, and opening/closing can be done with the pole, boot or hand.


The parameters for touring ski bindings have completely changed with respect to comfort, as the pivot point has been shifted to about 20 mm behind the boot tip to allow the foot to turn more freely. The result is easier, more comfortable climbing.