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New brochure shows Victrex PEEK polymer shapes the future of compression molded parts

News International-French

5 Sep 2012

When molders are tasked with forming large and intricate parts out of advanced thermoplastics, they are using VICTREX® PEEK, a high performance polymer with more than 30 years of proven success, to compression mold components at lower overall costs for the most demanding oilfield, transportation, electronics, and medical applications.

As specified in detail in the new 8-page Victrex Compression Molding Guide, this traditional processing method involves using a high heat, high pressure hydraulic press. The requirements for the equipment and tooling are described along with the 7-step process that can deliver void-free moldings. Compression molding VICTREX PEEK also allows for slower cooling time than injection molding; a key benefit shown in the incorporated graphs that shows higher levels of crystallinity which can improve part performance.


For example, extra-large compression molded ring applications have been developed for sealing solutions in the oil and gas industry that can now reach diameters of 228.6cm (90in) and thicknesses up to 10.2cm (4in); something other conventional processing methods cannot achieve.



For compression molding, Victrex fine powder grades such as VICTREX 150PF, 450PF, and 650PF are readily available as standard grades.



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