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New carbon fibre production plant starts in Russia

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18 Mar 2015

Holding Company Composite has presented at this year’s JEC Europe its’ first large scale carbon fiber production line - Alabuga Fibre – developed for industrial grade carbon fibre.

New carbon fibre production plant starts in Russia

This first 1.700 metric ton capacity line is just the beginning – it will eventually be optimized to around 2.000 metric tons capacity – and our new site is intended to be developed to 10.000 metric tons or more – no carbonization facility in the world is expected to be larger.

In addition to its’ standard product offering, Holding Company Composite’s engineering resources are poised and ready to develop customised solutions for challenging large-scale carbon fibre based applications such as automotive, wind energy, and others.

The Alabuga-Fibre manufacturing line is built from the the latest technology: feeding precursor from bobbins (up to 300 kg); thermal stabilisation with the most modern, uniform and energy efficient oxidation ovens and carbonization furnaces; advanced surface treatment, sizing and drying; collection and packinging on spools (up to 8 kg).

The Alabuga carbon fibre production line is designed to manufacture various types of carbon fiber. Currently the following types of carbon fibre are available for sampling and sale: Alabuga-Fibre AF42 12К (available today) and Alabuga-Fibre AF42 24К (available late in 2015).

“The launching of our new large-scale Alabuga-Fibre Plant, which complements our long history in special high-performance carbon fiber products, fits well into the global trend of growing demand for composite materials in many industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, and construction. Now, with high quality, affordable carbon fiber for the international market available from Russia, we expect that potential users for industrial grade carbon fiber will look positively at us as they broaden their choice of supplier partners,” - said CEO of Holding Company Composite Leonid Melamed.