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New Ceracomp material virtually eliminates catastrophic failure in sealless pumps

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13 Jul 2011

This innovative ceramic-matrix composite delivers dramatic benefits over traditional silicon-carbide materials with superior fracture and wear resistance – expanding the reliability of sealless pumps by virtually eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure.

New Ceracomp material virtually eliminates catastrophic failure in sealless pumps

In an exciting expansion of the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of non-metallic friction and wear solutions for the petrochemical & power industries, CeraComp® material is now available.  

The new CeraComp solutions deliver exceptional toughness and fracture resistance for dramatically improved MTBF and reduced maintenance costs. CeraComp is capable of withstanding temperatures over 1,100°F (600°C), exceeding the upper limit of polymeric and elastomeric composites, and maintains outstanding chemical resistance, achieving improved durability and longer component life. In addition, CeraComp’s excellent toughness enables better structural integrity and impact resistance, eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure for  PetroChemical and Power customers of Greene, Tweed.


The design flexibility of CeraComp makes this new material suitable for a wide range of petrochemical & power applications. Greene, Tweed’s Advanced Technology and Engineering teams have currently developed two exciting solutions for canned motor and magnetic-driven pumps. These bearings and bushings are suitable for both rotary and static usage, dramatically expanding the potential of these solutions.


« Our new CeraComp capability is truly game changing for the petrochemical & power industries, » says Jonathan Pledger, VP and General Manager of PetroChem & Power. « This exciting new material will maximize plant production capabilities by keeping pumps running longer with reduced maintenance requirements. »



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