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A new chopped strand aimed at a wide range of polyamide resins for general purpose industrial applications

News International-French

29 Sep 2011

3B-the fibreglass company is enhancing its broad range of reinforcements for thermoplastics with the introduction of a new 13µm diameter chopped strand aimed at general purpose polyamide applications. The new grade will be commercially available globally in Q4 2011.

A new chopped strand aimed at a wide range of polyamide resins

“The development and launching of this specific new grade of Advantex® chopped strand – DS 1120-13P – to better serve the polyamide market highlights and strengthens our leading position in the European thermoplastics sector,” said Paul Cazes, Thermoplastic Product Leader at 3B. “It is aimed at compounders looking for a cost competitive yet performing reinforcement for polyamides in applications where hydrolysis resistance is not essential,” he added.

The new grade (DS 1120-13P) of chopped strand is manufactured from Advantex® glass fibre that is both an E-glass and an E-CR glass in accordance with ASTM D578 and is designed to fit a broad range of polyamides (PA) such as PA6, PA66, PA610 and PA12 as well their related co-polymers. It also displays excellent compatibility with polyurethanes (PU).

3B is the European leader in terms of the volume of chopped strand produced and for its technological innovation in thermoplastic reinforcements. The chemical sizing or binding technology of the new DS 1120-13P grade provides superior dry as moulded (DAM) properties and its low sensitivity to mould release agents, such as stearates, is outstanding.

In addition, the new DS 1120-13P grade has integrated technology that provides excellent strand integrity and bulk density resulting in optimum feeding properties while maintaining exceptional dispersion within the polyamide resin matrix.

Typical applications for general industrial, building and consumer goods include cable and hose carrier chains and tracks, rawl plugs, cable cleats, wheels, cranks, bicycle pedals, headphones, etc.