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New coating technology for metal-plastic interfaces

News International-French

7 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Based on its experience in the fields of thermoplastic composites and process development, MIR has developed a special coating technology that improves metal-plastic (brass-polypropylene) interface bonding in plastic fittings with a metal insert.

This patented solution improved interface bonding performance in the resulting product by about 150%. Using this coating process, thermoplastic resins with a melting temperature up to 265°C can be applied onto metal inserts with a 50-300 micron coating thickness. The coating capacity of this pilot line is 40,000 inserts (½”) per day.

This unique solution was fully developed by MIR through all the stages of a complete R&D study: design of the coating process, simulation of mechanisms in coating line design, analysis of heat and fluid transfer problems in the coating process, manufacturing and testing of a mini coating line, bonding tests, method development, documentation of working conditions, production of an operating manual and development of a complete coating line. A licensing and coating line sales agreement for this technology was signed with a private company in Corlu, Turkey, and an investment of €2,300,000 was made in 2012.

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