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New commercial website for printed veil

News International-French

23 Jan 2013

FRP Accessories and Creatis LLC announce the creation of a new commercial website. The website features “Phantom Veil” which is fiberglass or polyester veil that has various designs printed onto the veil.

The Phantom Veil is then used to make FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) parts which look like wood, ceramic tile, camouflage, carbon fiber, brick, granite, and many other designs. Companies can also share their designs or logos to have them custom printed.

The web site shows “swatches” of each individual design and also features pictures of end use products from around the world as well as “how to” information on using the products.
The site is an “all in one” solution to your cosmetic fiberglass needs as it also allows you to view the approximately 40 designs and buy them on-line. The site is set up to serve accounts in the United States and will soon be available to serve customers in Canada as well.

“Phantom Veil” was the winner of the 2008 Innovation Award at JEC, Paris. The material is used in many countries around the world and is now being introduced into the United States.
The two companies who are responsible for the site are FRP Accessories of Mumbai, India which manufactures the “Phantom Veil” and Creatis LLC, an American marketing and sales company specializing in composites markets.