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New company focused on production of molds and blades for wind energy

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9 Aug 2012

Flessak Energia Eolica Ltd (FEEL) of Francisco Beltrão, Brazil and Global Blade Technology (GBT) of Wieringerwerf, the Netherlands have announced the start of GBT do Brasil Equipamentos Eolicos (GBTB). The new company will focus on the production of molds and blades for the Brazilian wind energy market. A new plant with the capacity for two blade production lines will be built near Toledo, Brazil.

One line of the new plant will be dedicated to producing blades for the new 900 kW direct drive turbine that FEEL will start delivering to the Brazil market in 2013. Pedro Furlan, CEO of FEEL attests: ''It's fundamental to enter in the business with a partner like GBT''. In making the announcement, Arthur Schuler da Igreja, the Managing Director of GBTB, expressed his excitement about the new company: "the start of GBTB is a great next step in the growth of wind energy in southern Brazil. With the pull from the new FEEL turbine and with the technology and global network of GBT we are in the perfect position to deliver technically advanced blades. Capacity will be available to serve other parties blades needs as well". Blade production is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2013.



About Global Blade Technology
Global Blade Technology (GBT) is an engineering company focused on wind rotor blades, including design, tooling, and manufacturing technology. GBT does fundamental process and materials research, mold production, and advanced blade manufacturing systems. GBT was incorporated in The Netherlands in 2009, and quickly expanded to US and India. The company is headquartered in Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands, with operations in Vadodara India, and Evansville Indiana, USA


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