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New core material with excellent strength-to-weight ratio

News International-French

29 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Spheretex recently presented their newly engineered product, sphere.core SBC HT. The product is designed to withstand high temperatures during the exothermic reaction of polyester and epoxy resins.

Sphere.core SBC HT is volumised with thermoplastic microspheres and based on glass non-woven; it is used as core material in sandwich constructions and yields a lightweight, homogeneous laminate.


Spheretex has enhanced the product to make it suitable for the polyester foam resins of its partner Vosschemie. The core material can be fully impregnated with the structural polyester foam resin.


During the wet pressing, vacuum-supported process, the core can be combined with all kinds of reinforcing layers, resulting in a very strong, homogeneous laminate with a very low specific strength-to-weight ratio.


The product dimensions can be defined precisely. The mould is easily cleaned and cycle time is very short. Sphere.core SBC HT leads to a jointless and seamless laminate, using very little technical equipment. Applications are manifold, especially in the lightweight boards, automotive and transport industries.



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