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New D-Iso/NPG gelcoat technology and high performance materials

News International-French

14 Feb 2012

A new UV weather resistant Crystic® Permabright advanced polymer technology gelcoat, and other high performance products have been developed by Scott Bader, including: Crestapol® moulding and pultrusion resins which can be heavily ATH filled for fire retardant applications; Crestabond® range of primer-less MMA based structural adhesives suitable for bonding not only composites, but metals and plastic substrates; and Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel, an intumescent topcoat used for building, marine and land transportation fire protection applications.

Of particular interest is the new Crystic® Permabright gelcoat, which uses advanced new D-Iso/NPG polymer technology base resin chemistry. Crystic Permabright is available in both spray and brush applied grades. It has set a new gelcoat standard for long term UV weathering performance providing significantly improved colour stability compared with existing Iso/NPG gelcoats. The comparative long term UV weather performance data for Crystic Permabright gelcoat against best in class Iso and Iso/NPG gelcoats comes from accelerated QUV and Xenon testing and 12 months of Florida exposure. When comparing the delta-E colour change to even the best performing white Iso/NPG competitor gelcoat, Scott Bader’s new technology gelcoat outperforms it by over 40%. Markets expected to benefit from this new advanced performance D-Iso/NPG gelcoat technology are those where retaining a high level of aesthetic quality in exposed gelcoated surfaces is highly desirable such as: leisure marine, architectural building and transportation. 


The Crystic Crestabond grades of primer-less methyl methacrylate (MMA) structural adhesives are designed for bonding a wide variety of metal, composite or plastic substrates with minimal surface preparation.  The Crestabond range offers manufacturers bonding performance, gap filling and fixture time options to suit both application and shop floor needs; working times can be as short as only 4 minutes to over 80 minutes.  Crestabond structural adhesives are aimed at manufacturers in the bus, truck, rail, construction, marine and wind energy markets looking for high bonding performance alongside opportunities for cost savings from improved productivity, which can be gained from using a fast curing structural adhesive in an assembly process. 


All Crestapol® resins are based on urethane acrylate technology.  The resin can be heavily ATH filled with up to 200phr, to achieve a range of fire, smoke and toxic fumes standards specified for certain building, construction, rail and road mass transportation applications. The inherent toughness of a fully cured urethane acrylate based resin matrix provides high mechanical properties, even with very high mineral filler loadings.  There are Crestapol resin grades for both open and closed moulding, as well as two pultrusion grades, Crestapol 1212 and Crestapol 1214, which cure very rapidly, so enabling faster haul-off speeds to be used compared with typical pultrusion grade thermosetting resins.  Crestapol 1214 has been designed specifically for pultruding profiles which must have very low shrink and a high quality surface finish.   


Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel intumescent fire protection topcoat is cured with a standard MEKP catalyst (2% addition by weight).  While it will not protect indefinitely from an unchecked fire, Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel can withstand a direct flame at a temperature of 700 deg. C (1292 deg. F) for over 60 minutes without the laminate behind catching fire. 


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