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New developments in biocomposites

News International-French

16 Mar 2012

Composites Evolution is a supplier of innovative, sustainable composite materials, including reinforcements, resins and intermediates based on natural and recycled feedstocks.

Their main product line is Biotex high-performance flax reinforcements and impregnated sheets, which provide the high performance level and easy processing normally associated with glass fibre composites, but with reduced weight and environmental impact. Biotex uses a unique twistless technology to ensure a high degree of fibre alignment and is suitable for semi-structural and decorative applications in sectors such as automotive, construction, marine, sports and consumer goods.


Composites Evolution will be showcasing a number of exciting new developments at the JEC Europe Composite Show 2012, including flax-epoxy prepregs, flax spread tow fabrics and coloured flax fabrics. A new range of Biotex flax-epoxy prepregs have been developed to provide a low weight, sustainable option for producing high-quality composite parts. The prepregs can be processed by vacuum bagging, autoclave or press moulding, resulting in components with good mechanical properties and natural aesthetics. The flax-based prepregs can be used on their own or in combination with glass or carbon-based prepregs to obtain hybrid laminates with an interesting mix of properties.


Also on display will be a novel ultra-light, high-performance spread tow fabric produced by Oxeon using Biotex flax/PP tapes supplied by Composites Evolution. The new variant of TeXtreme spread tow reinforcement from Oxeon has 40% higher modulus than the equivalent yarn-based fabric due to the highly aligned Biotex tapes and ultra-low crimp provided Oxeon’s unique tape weaving technology.


For customers who want to produce self-coloured biocomposite mouldings, the company recently added coloured flax fabrics to the Biotex product line. A wide range of colours are possible and the fabrics can be used with standard composite resins and moulding processes.



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