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A new dimension for JEC Europe 2014

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27 Nov 2013

The strong demand around composite materials and all the emerging composite applications have led the JEC Group to reaffirm its position and rethink the JEC Europe trade show. The coming event will occupy 54,400 sqm in two new Pavilion 7 halls.

JEC Group: an offering structured around 35 segments
No sector has escaped the scrutiny of JEC Group’s experts, whose field of action covers 35 industrial segments, from raw material producers to end - user markets (all geographical sectors considered together). As a benchmark for the industry, the JEC Group extends its offering over the entire value chain, which is oriented toward user requirements. JEC’s activities are designed entirely with end user needs and specifications in mind, and its products are structured to match that approach. “In 2014, users will get a full demonstration of the most innovative products in each market,” said Mrs. Frédérique Mutel , JEC Group President and CEO. “Four sectors represent about 75% of total value: Transportation, Aerospace, Energy and Building & Construction. They will be exhibiting at JEC Europe 2014 with a strong focus on the most recent carbon and thermoplastic solutions. We will also touch upon current topics like offshore energy and hybrid structures. ”

The JEC Group’s new 2014 programmes
“We have increased the JEC trade show’s field of action sixfold over the past 15 years, and we reinvest all profits in new programmes for professionals and users. For example, we’ve designed three new programmes that will be rolled out for all our activities in March 2014,” said Mrs. Mutel.

  • Top Buyers’ Programme to facilitate contacts between major purchasers and suppliers
  • Leadership Circles to bring together decision
  • Makers in the different markets
  • New Generation Programme to reward student research and help students find jobs

“The European platform reaps the benefit of the work done on the three other American and Asian platforms to create new networks. We are putting all our efforts into receiving participants from all the regions. Our strategy is entirely focused on promoting knowledge and activating quality networks. ”

Composites, the 21st-century materials
The growth of the trade show reflects a booming global market. According to Mrs. Mutel: “Composites can be valuable allies to help meet new regulatory weight reduction requirements in the quest for smaller carbon footprints. JEC’s analysts estimate that the global composite market is growing an average 6% per year, which should represent 95 billion euros and 10.6 million metric tons by 2014. ”

The Netherlands, country of honour
The country of honour in 2014 is the Netherlands. Dutch companies and research institutes in the high-tech sector are well known for their technological excellence. Two sectors are driving innovation in the Netherlands: aerospace with a cluster of 100+ companies, and high-tech equipment.

Innovative Composites Summit (I.C.S.): Conferences led by composite-industry experts to develop knowledge sharing
In addition to the Innovation Showcase designed to promote the sector’s innovations, the JEC Group develops a global offering of services to support composite manufacturers . Focusing on knowledge and networking development, JEC also proposes the Innovation Awards programme, business meetings, a job centre, a magazine, and an information web portal, plus a high-level conference programme at the Innovative Composites Summit (I.C.S.).

The I.C.S. programme provides the opportunity for exchange on the latest news, trends and experiences from the sector’s professionals. This year, the programme will be divided into three segments: Process, with conferences on design and mass production; Application Sectors , specifically aerospace and automotive; and Materials, with conferences on carbon and thermoplastics.

Creating value for the composites industry
There are many opportunities on both local and export fronts. The JEC Group provides support for its customers through its set of publication, Internet, magazine, conference and trade show products. “The Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe platforms each have their own experts and projects, and they adapt to the local markets. Each region also benefits from JEC’s international expertise,” said Mrs. Mutel. The goal of the three - year plan adopted for 2014-2016 is to make use of the increasingly creative, well-trained teams in each region – America, Europe and Asia – to continue improving on the quality of the products and services.

Key figures for JEC Europe 2014

  • 54,400 sqm of surface area, equivalent to 8.5 soccer stadiums – an 8% increase over 2013
  • 1,200 + exhibiting brand names
  • 35 business sectors
  • 100 countries represented

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