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A new dimension for turning, milling and drilling

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13 Feb 2011

"Cool Injection" takes place directly through the rake face of the PCD/CBN wedge. Expressed in other words the opening of the coolant stream, liquid or gas is located directly behind the cutting edge and the engagement area.

Lach Diamant Injection Process Composites

The success is fascinating and has a multiple effect like new possibilities for higher productivity.

"Cool Injection" makes the PCD/CBN cutting edge a component of the integrated cooling system in the tool holder or tool body.

"Cool Injection" protects, preserves and dissipates the damaging heat from the cutting material. Already this assures higher tool life and efficiency.

"Cool Injection", however, guarantees more flexibility and productivity:


Choice of coolant
Liquid - minimum quantity lubricating or air –
new possibilities for dry machining of aluminium work pieces: Decrease of build up edges, no coolant costs and disposal problems, eco-friendly.
»Cool Injection« – the ideal alternative also for the processing of composite materials such as GRP, CFRP, etc

Coolant pressure
sufficient conditions already with low pressure. 

Special advantage when turning long chipping materials such as ductile aluminium.
The coolant stream of »Cool Injection« provides the quenching effect of the hot chip and thus the ideal chip breaking. 

Chip removal
The coolant stream - liquid or air - supports the chip removal and protects the surface of the work piece even at high feed rates. 

Internal turning with "Cool Injection"
Ideal for the finishing and medium roughing by supporting chip removal and chip breaking, also applicable for blind hole bores 

PCD turning with "Cool Injection"
Advantages as with milling and drilling of low and high alloyed aluminium by improved chip removal and chip breakage.
New possibilities for aluminium-magnesium alloys and aluminium-titanium alloys.

CBN turning with "Cool Injection"
Advantages when machining grey cast iron - new potential for machining hardened steel and high-alloyed steels as well as for hard and soft machining. Applicable for nickel basis alloys as well as chrome-cobalt alloys in the medical sector.

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