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New dispensing systems for 2-component materials by Sulzer Mixpac

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7 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The company will present the first 2-component biopolymer cartridge and two completely new dispensing systems for 2-component protective coatings in the area of corrosion protection

"Carbon footprint" is no longer just a catchphrase; it is becoming increasingly important when purchasing decisions are made. Research and Development at Sulzer Mixpac has focused on its product line with an improved Carbon footprint. The result is the first 2-component cartridge that has replaced a significant part of its plastic by wood fibers. With regard to leakproofness and diffusion properties, this cartridge fulfills the same criterias like the one being made in standart plastics. However, it offers the customer the possibility to differentiate by a "greener" value chain. This serves the trend towards a purchasing decision process which is increasingly influenced by environmental friendly criterias – a considerable competitive advantage. The 25ml cartridge is the first product from the "Green Line" product range while others are on the way.

Even today, repair and maintenance work in the area of 2-component corrosion protection of ships, pipelines and other steel c onstructions are still mainly carried out manually. This process starts when the two components are mixed and dispensed by using brushes and rollers. In fact todays way of application is time-consuming, creates a rather high percentage of waste material, especially when applied in the above-mentioned areas being difficult to access.
The new MixCoat Spray and MixCoat Flex coating system with its new spray technology leads to enormous cost savings due to reduced labor time combined with minimal waste of material. In addition, the system also includes all the well known and established advantages of the MIXPAC cartridge-based 2-component technology: clean storage of 2-component materials as well as consistent coating results.


Picture: SulzerMixpac 25mL DoubleSyringe "GreenLine"


More about Sulzer Mixpac:
Sulzer Mixpac is a Business Unit of the Sulzer Group  with its headquarters located in Switzerland as well as subsidiaries in the USA, UK and China to ensure best possible customer care on a global scale. With more than 450 employees, the company is worldwide recognized as being the technology leader for dispensing technology as well as  in the areas of mixing, metering and dispensing of 2-component materials.

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