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New end mills geometries for fast and efficient composite machining

News International-French

8 Apr 2015

Seco adds new JPD and JC end mills to its line of Jabro products developed specifically for cutting composite materials.

These end mills consist of four new geometries that bring fast, efficient cutting to applications involving workpiece materials such as carbon and glass fibre composites as well as carbon reinforced plastics (CRFP).

The JPD group of solid-carbide end mills, which consists of the JPD880 square end mill, JPD850 ball nose end mill and JPD840 compression-type end mill, features brazed polycrystalline diamond plates to achieve fast, efficient cutting and long tool life. Main PCD-plated bodies include through-coolant channels for highly effective chip and dust evacuation. The JPD880 and JPD840 end mills are available in diameters that range from 6 mm to 16 mm, while the JPD850 covers diameters from 4 mm to 16 mm. Two PCD plate lengths – normal and long – are also available for the JPD880.

The JC solid-carbide end mill group, which includes the JC875 solid-carbide router, delivers superior surface finishes via a special edge treatment that prevents wear and ensures the longest possible tool life. An added diamond coating further boosts the tool’s wear resistance, allowing it to withstand the highly abrasive properties of composite materials. Seco also imparted a special chip-splitting design to the end mill for clean cutting actions. Diameter ranges for the JC875 are from 3 mm to 12 mm, with .250" to .500" imperial sizes also available.

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