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New energy carbon fiber UAV manufactured in Shenyang

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7 Sep 2012

Early this month, Liaoning General Aviation Academy displayed China's first carbon material fuel cell powered UAV "LEINIAO".

Mr. Xue Ji who involved in the research and development told reporters, that "LEINIAO" is large sized UAV in the UAV family. Its wingspan can reach up to 10 meters. The length can be compared with the bus. The maximum load can reach up to 30 kilograms. which is two or three times that of the most UAV.


"LEINIAO" fuselage and wings are all made of carbon fiber composite material. The material is characterized by high strength and light weight.


"LEINIAO" is powered by the hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, which achieved "zero carbon emissions". The fuel cell only produces waste water so there is no pollution to the air.


Before UAV take-off, the control personnel input and upload the routes data through the radio controlled platform. The data includes routes flying height, coordinate sequence data. After takes off, the plane will be flying in accordance with set flight routes and return to the set place.


The birth of "LEINIAO" has filled the Chinese UAV blank gap in the carbon fiber material fuel cell powered. It has pioneering historical significance in China's new energy vehicle development field.


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