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New fibre developments

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26 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The ITCF a center of textile research presents its new fibre developments.

Ceramic fibres
Ceramic fibres are the key component for ceramic fibre reinforced ceramic materials (ceramic matrix composites, CMCs), which offer highly interesting properties for different technical applications in the aerospace, energy technology, and automotive fields, as well as for industrial furnaces. ITCF Denkendorf is developing ceramic fibres based on alumina, mullite and YAG for these purposes.

Fast matrix polymerization
The mass production of fibre composite materials involves several manufacturing steps, resulting in long cycle times. Current research focuses on the reduction of cycle times by triggering matrix polymerization after resin impregnation. For this purpose, the fibre material is impregnated with a new low-viscosity 1K matrix system consisting of a monomer and a latent catalyst. Polymerization starts after activation of the catalyst and proceeds quickly.

New supermicrofibres
In the main manufacturing process for supermicrofibres, a two-component fibre is produced in the first step. Subsequently, the so-called sea-matrix is dissolved to produce the supermicrofibre. Using newly developed spinnerets and new spinning processes, it is now possible to produce supermicrofibres with a fineness

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