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New fibre diameter, length and curvature measuring system

News International-French

27 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - CottonscopeHD, a unique new way of rapidly measuring fibre diameter, length and curvature, will be shown at JEC Europe 2015 for the first time by Cottonscope Pty Ltd.

The fibres are dropped into a water bowl, dispersed automatically and measured by image analysis. Up to 20,000 fibres are measured per minute and the fibres are then dumped into a filter and the bowl refilled.

Fibre diameters can range from 0.5µm to 50µm and the repeatability is +/-0.1µm. CottonscopeHD provides the fastest and most accurate way of measuring fibres due to its unique dispersion in water, an accurate, proven image analysis technology and the ability to measure thousands of fibres in seconds.

The ability to accurately measure the histogram of diameter allows experiments on the effects of diameter variation with the advantage of using the same instrument for rapid quality control.

Fibre length is measured up to 1mm but research is under way to increase this to 15mm, and visitors are encouraged to discuss this at the stand and bring samples of their range to test.

Fibre curvature measurement was developed by the company over 10 years ago for the wool industry, and has proved very useful for predicting bulk and filtration properties of fibres.

CottonscopeHD inherits technology from 25 years of experience building fibre measurement instruments for wool, cashmere and cotton.

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