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The new frontier in Generative Orthotics

News International-French

28 Mar 2016

Sponsored news - Windform 3D Printing is used to discover new applications in wearable devices for medical purposes

The CRP Technology is focusing on the application for the combination of Windform materials and additive manufacturing. This new field of application is generative orthotics, an area requiring special attention to the main party involved: the patient.

The innovation of the use of 3D printing and Windform materials is represented by the chance to build custom-fit orthoses that can be worn under any kind of clothes (thanks to their thinness), they are not invasive, they are easy to be applied onto the hand or foot (traditional orthoses are quite difficult to wear, especially if we consider that this kind of patient has limited mobility). They can replace the traditional sizes system (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) with a complete customization of the product.

Windform orthoses are waterproof so patients can have showers without removing the medical device, they are breathable thanks to the technology of 3D printing that can allow any sort of shape and has no limit in the design. Furthermore, the Windform materials have passed skin contact patch testing and they do not irritate the skin. Windform orthotics can be applied on skin without any irritation. Functionally the 3d-printed Windform orthotics allow the patient to walk and move naturally and thanks to the resistance of the Windform. Depending upon the type of condition and recovery required, a patient may require the use of orthotics for months and possibly years.


The 3d-printed Windform orthotics can also be applied in patient with traumas instead of wearing a cast, as a cast has several disadvantages, limited waterproofing, no breathable, no wearable under clothes, and are not removable to address any skin irritations. Off the shelf items can be purchased in short order, but they are sized only in limited numbers. Adjusting devises can dig into the patients skin and irritate or even cause damage. This method is not faster than buying traditional off the shelf items, but we are testing this new method of 3d-printed orthotics in order to get customized devices in short time.

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