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A new generation of ceramic materials

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30 Oct 2012

JEC Americas 2012 - IBU-tec focuses on the development and production of functionalised, high-performance materials for innovative industrial applications.

Whether as powders with customer-defined properties or as mouldable granules, these materials offer outstanding quality and properties unique in the market.


This precise control of materials properties is based on IBU-tec’s many years of experience and unique, patented process technology. The production method allows the development and generation of ceramic materials with thermal processes in the temperature range from 200 to 1,500 °C. The results are high-quality products whose properties and applications are precisely matched to specific market needs.


These high-performance materials are:

  • Zircox™: ZrO2, doped with different elements (granule)
  • Spinel: MgAl2O4 (powder)
  • Alunox™: Alpha-Al2O3 (corundum) (suspension or granule)

Zircox™ C is an optimised material for high-performance ceramics based on ZrO2. It combines unusual mechanical, thermal and bio-chemical properties. A central application field for these new materials is medical engineering, e.g. the manufacture of bio-ceramics. However, more and more metal components will also be replaced by ceramics in the future.



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