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A new generation of composite material

News International-French

28 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Curv self-reinforced composite is a new concept in thermoplastic materials that bridges the gap between commodity plastics and traditional fibre-reinforced materials. It is referred to as being “self-reinforced” because it comprises high-performance thermoplastic fibres in a matrix of exactly the same material.

It is 100% polypropylene, but yields stiffness and strength values around 5 times those of regular PP. In addition, Curv has a high strain to failure which in combination with good tensile strength offers tremendously high impact resistance, even at temperatures as low as -189 degrees Celsius. Finally, the material has exceptional abrasion resistance and compressive strength.


Application areas are manifold: suitcases, sports equipment, automotive parts (interior and exterior), anti-ballistic products, etc. This self-reinforced material is also used as a skin material in lightweight sandwich structures, usually in combination with thermoplastic core materials. It can be supplied on rolls or as a sheets in thicknesses from 0.35 to 2.95 mm, a maximum product width of 1360 mm and any length, and can be combined with materials like aluminium, glass, aramid and/or carbon fibres, resulting in a totally new range of thermoplastic composites for a wide range of cost and performance targets.



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