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New generation of marine engineering advanced composite materials

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17 Dec 2012

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) Marine material science, Engineering Institute research team and Shanghai Advanced Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. develops phenolic foam filled 3D fabric reinforced composites fiber.

"Phenolic foam filled 3D fabric reinforced composites fiber" is a three-dimensional reinforced composite material; its external is made of three-dimensional reinforced composite filled with phenolic foam resin.


This ingenious structural design made the composite material integrated into the phenolic foam materials outstanding strength, lightweight, sound insulation, heat insulation and fireproof performance. And through the introduction of three-dimensional reinforced structure, effectively overcome the crisp and low strength problems of phenolic foam, at the same time, it overcome the traditional honeycomb, foam sandwich structure composite material shortcomings of poor lamination and impact resistance. It also has excellent FST (fire, smoke, toxic) resistance performance.


"Phenolic foam filled 3D fabric reinforced composites fiber" has broad application prospect in highway bus, trains, ships aircraft and other modern traffic vehicles interior material field.


Nowadays, the product has completed the application validation in SMU teaching practice ship, Suzhou bus, Qingdao Ultimate Corporation, and the subway wall and flooring in Hong Kong and Spain.


The product has been applied to the SMU 48000 tons class teaching practice ship. This teaching materials training ship is bound to play a leading and exemplary role in ships interior materials industry.


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