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New glass forming apron for ultra-fine filaments

News International-French

19 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Over the years, there has been a trend in the glass fiber market towards the production of fine and ultra-fine filaments.

Because the market for electronic devices has focused on miniaturization whilst also incorporating increased lightweight and space-saving functionality – for use in laptops, tablets and mobile phones for example. To meet this growing trend, Saurer Components has launched a new type of glass fiber apron - the Accotex 518 SF - especially designed for fine and ultra-fine filaments like D (5 µm), C (4,5 µm) and BC (4 µm).

The basic function of a glass forming apron is to transport the sizing towards the glass fiber. But the finer a filament´s diameter, the more attention is required to prevent defects like broken filaments or hairiness.

Due to the extraordinary low surface roughness of the Accotex 518 SF (
The new Accotex Glass Forming Apron 518 SF from Saurer Components provides the best choice for preventing defects in glass fibers.

Booth: A56