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New industrial fabrication process: H-PreC BloK

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16 Mar 2017

Sponsored Innovation Report - H-PreC, a designer of innovative composite processes and manufacturer for small- and medium-scale production of composite parts for the aeronautic and industrial sectors, launches a new industrial fabrication process at JEC 2017: H-PreC BloK.

H-PreC BloK

The new H-PreC BloK process allows the fabrication of high-quality, high-mechanical-resistance thermoset carbon parts using continuous fibres that are oriented into three-dimensional structures according to the mechanical strains without the need for expensive 3D preforms or pre-impregnated carbon fibres. The final shape of the part is obtained using fast CNC machining, hence allowing very precise and complex shaping.

Currently, the size of the parts ranges from a few centimetres up to 1.5 metres.

The H-PreC BloK process already finds applications in many sectors such as aeronautics, motorcycles, bikes, sports equipment and industrial machines.

The process, originally developed for the aeronautic sector, is mechanized and ensures perfect traceability of the production and reproducibility of the parts while keeping the cost of the parts in the range of high-end aluminium, from prototyping to mass production. This is hence a possible direct replacement of metal, plastic and short-fibre-based composite parts.

The competitive cost is made possible by the absence of specific tooling for the fabrication and a quick prototyping step. The feasibility is determined directly from the 3D file of the part.

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