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New internal mould release additives for DICY-cured epoxy resin

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6 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Axel Plastics Research Laboratories announces two new internal mould release additives for DICY (dicyanamide) -cured epoxy resin: MoldWiz®INT-1322 and INT-1329.

By nature, DICY-cured epoxies are among the most tenacious in their bonding properties, prompting many in the industry to search for more effective ways to release DICY epoxy, resins, compounds, prepregs and laminates.

In the past, many internal mould release formulations proved ineffective, often killing the cure of the DICY resin and leaving the polymer under-cured and tacky. AXEL’s new proprietary formulation MoldWiz® INT-1322 has been proven to have no impact on the cure kinetics of imidazole- or amine-accelerated DICY. For non-accelerated DICY-cured epoxy resin, AXEL offers INT-1329, which is formulated for the higher process temperatures associated with these DICY systems. Initial evaluations of these two new internal mould release additives indicate that they have a good pot life in resin mixes and provide good release from moulds and substrates, making them equally suitable for use in epoxy resin, epoxy compounds and prepregs.

MoldWiz INT-1322 and INT-1329 are proprietary synergistic blends, comprised of organic fatty amine and acid derivatives with surface active agents. The products are 100% active and generally effective at addition levels of 0.5-4 % based on resin system weight and dependent on process, fillers, etc.

Photo: MoldWiz® INT-1322 and INT-1329 are epoxy resin additives (manufactured by AXEL) that can improve release of moulded DICY cured epoxy composite parts manufacture, including aerospace and other industries.

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