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New Max 5 carbon fabric production line by METYX composites

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19 Jan 2012

As part of an ongoing commitment to carbon fiber processing, METYX Composites® invested in a new, state-of-the-art MAX 5 carbon reinforcement production line. This is the most recent in a series of investments planned for 2012 at the company’s headquarters in Istanbul and at its new Manisa, Turkey facility. The company plans to offer a new generation of composites products and services to complement its existing portfolio.

“The MAX 5 platform will enable us to manufacture even lighter weight carbon reinforcements and several other types of reinforcements by spreading high K carbon tows with great precision. It will also complete our offerings in the carbon reinforcements product group, a highly successful group for our customers and our company alike,” commented Tunc S. Ustunel, Sales and Marketing Director, METYX Composites.
Along with the MAX 5 platform, METYX Composites also invested in a new Carbon UD tape production line and a MAX 3 type multiaxial stitched fabric production line. Entering 2012 with a strong sales forecast for these products, these investments will significantly increase the company’s current production capacity for carbon reinforcements.


“These carbon investments were partly initiated to support requirements from the wind energy and automotive industries, in addition to prepreg producers. Our new production lines will be up and running in February 2012,” stated Ustunel. “We are excited about the opportunities these new carbon reinforcement lines will bring. We look forward to the innovative projects ahead and to serving our elite customer base with the best quality, value, and advancements in the industry,” concluded Ustunel.

About METYX Composites:

METYX Composites is a rapidly growing division of Telateks A.S. ®, which has been producing high quality textiles for over 60 years in Istanbul, Turkey. As a Telateks A.S. division, METYX Composites benefits from many competitive advantages including manufacturing expertise, a prestigious customer base, financial strength, and a strong commitment to research and development.


The METYX Composites vision is driven by customer needs. Recognizing the desire for stronger, lighter structures and more competitive end products in various industries, METYX Composites was founded to provide the composites arena with the high-performance technical textiles and the custom solutions needed to achieve a leading edge in today’s challenging marketplace. Among the industries that METYX Composites serves are marine, automotive, transportation, wind energy, construction and architectural applications, infrastructure, and sports and leisure.


METYX Composites manufactures a wide range of high-performance technical textiles including multiaxial reinforcements, carbon reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven rovings and woven roving tapes, geo textiles, vacuum consumables, surface veils, and fabric kitting, all of which are produced exclusively at our 24,000 square meter, state-of-the-art facilities in Turkey.


METYX Composites reinforcements feature the latest technological advancements and are produced with skilled workmanship and strong attention to detail. Only certified raw materials are used, and all manufacturing processes strictly adhere to demanding ISO 9001:2000 standards, ensuring the highest quality reinforcements. To complement the reinforcement materials, METYX Composites also offers extensive consulting services and technical training.