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New piston technology for two-component cartridge systems

News International-French

24 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - In order to meet growing market demands, Sulzer Mixpac has developed a new piston technology for two-component cartridge systems.

Until now, a wide variety of pistons have been used for a broad range of filler materials. The new MIXPAC™ pistons featuring air-free technology can be used universally and are suitable for a wide range of applications and systems. The innovation behind these new pistons lies in the detail. The new and improved ventilation valve design, in particular, offers numerous advantages for customers. The valves guarantee less trapped air thanks to more efficient venting. Air is vented quickly and almost completely when the piston is inserted. This has a positive effect on the filling process and makes work easier for users. Sulzer Mixpac AG has made a step-change with this new piston technology, an innovative technology that offers numerous advantages for material manufacturers, fillers and distributors. In the development process, the company focused on fast, easy and safe handling during application.

In addition to introducing the new ventilation valve design, the overall piston design was refined and improved. With the new design, the piston is inserted in the cartridge and the ventilation valve is simultaneously actuated with a single tool. Regardless of whether filling is performed automatically, semi-automatically or manually, the new pistons are easy to operate in all working processes. The pistons are manufactured using a new, optimized blend of materials that increases chemical resistance while at the same time improving dimensional accuracy inside the cartridge. This guarantees better sealing and gives the filled materials a much longer shelf life.

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