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New Porcher Greenlite reinforcements for advanced biocomposites

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14 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Greenlite is a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcements for the composites industry.

These innovative materials are based on pure cellulose fibres, which is the most abundant and renewable biomass on earth. Greenlite™ materials are biodegradable and highly compatible with biobased resins, making them suitable for the production of 100% bio-based composites on a large scale.

Contrary to common natural fibres that are generally short and randomly oriented, Greenlite™ reinforcements are made of continuous and non-twisted cellulose fibres, resulting in high mechanical properties. Another key technical advantage of cellulose fibres is their relatively low density of 1.5 g/cm3, compared to 2.6 g/cm3 for standard glass fibres. The combination of low density and good mechanical properties allows biocomposites to be made on an excellent weight/performance basis.

Key benefits of Greenlite™ reinforcements include:
-Pure cellulose : 100% bio-based and biodegradable
-Low density for lightweight parts
-High strength and stiffness to weight ratio compared to other natural fibres
-Very regular structure, easy to impregnate with standard processes
-Easy handling and cutting
-High quality continuous fibres with homogenous and consistent properties
-Good compatibility with bio-based resins
-Translucency with appropriate resin systems
-Unique look and whiteness among renewable reinforcements


Greenlite™ products can be combined with cork cores to make extremely lightweight sandwich structures. These assemblies also possess interesting properties in terms of thermal and acoustical insulation. Besides, Greenlite™ reinforcements can be used advantageously in hybrid constructions with carbon fabrics, making very strong laminates, while preserving the aesthetic aspect and lightness of carbon.

Greenlite™ product range covers woven and unidirectional technical fabrics from 100 to 400gsm and can be processed using standard equipment with no modifications to the existing technology. Greenlite™ reinforcements are particularly suited to infusion and RTM processes using standard or bio-based polyester or epoxy resins.

Greenlite™ reinforcements constitute a significant advance in terms of sustainability, strength and quality, overcoming the typical limitations for the use of natural fibres in industrial biocomposite applications.

About Porcher Industries:
From its initial trade of silk weaving, Porcher Industries has consistently anticipated advances in technology and industry, allowing them to maintain their leadership position throughout the years. A pioneer of textile technology in the 1950’s, and dedicated to international development from the 1980’s forward, Porcher has steadily invested its resources to stay ahead of market needs and client expectations. Today, as the undisputed leader in the technical textiles sector, Porcher Industries leverages its considerable expertise, innovation, and worldwide presence to develop products of superior quality and performance.



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