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New prepreg curing in under five minutes

News International-French

27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 -This is a great technological breakthrough that will assist automotive equipment manufacturers and industrial markets in their quest for increasingly more efficient composite solutions that permit production rates to increase, without affecting investment and labour costs.

Curing in only two minutes at 150°C, HexPly M77 brings significant advantages to the market, especially as this reactive system also offers a long shelf life of six weeks at 23°C. It is highly suitable for large-volume production, such as the manufacture of skis.


In addition to its short cycle, M77 is also fully compliant with the European REACH regulation which makes it extremely attractive to the automotive industry. M77 offers a unique combination of benefits:

- Extra-fast curing system with 2 min at 150°C: the fastest epoxy system combining performance and shelf life, suitable for compression moulding, can be moulded using only vacuum techniques (specific lay-up needed).

- High TG (125°C): allows demoulding at high temperature, optimizes total cure cycle.

- Adhesive properties: bonding properties create inseparable solutions with other materials.



HexMC based on HexPly M77 resin has been recently developed. It is a high-performance moulding material for the high-volume production of complex shape parts, especially designed for compression moulding. The combination of fast curing cycle and compression moulding make the product particularly beneficial for sporting goods, automotive and a wide range of industrial components.   


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