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New pressure-sensitive tape with excellent tack

News International-French

20 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Flashbreaker® PS1 is a high-temperature, high tensile strength polyester film coated with a high-tack pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for oven or autoclave cure up to 204°C.

The red colour provides high visibility when placed on parts and moulds.

Flashbreaker® pressure-sensitive tapes bond to metal and composites for multi-purpose functions, such as holding down vacuum bagging materials, thermocouple wires, masking-off, chem-milling protection or in riveting shops. The tapes are removed easily after cure.

Flashbreaker® PS1 is available in two widths: 1 inch (25.4 mm) or 2 inches (50.8 mm). Other sizes are available upon request.

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