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New primerless high-performance structural adhesives

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28 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Acralock adhesives by Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC, are advanced two-component primerless methacrylate structural adhesives, designed to bond chemically to most surfaces, providing a permanently locked or integrated assembly of steel, aluminium, engineered plastics, high-performance composites and other materials.

Acralock adhesives are capable of bonding a wide range of these materials either to themselves or cross -bonded to a dissimilar substrate. The patent-pending formulations are designed to provide very tough and durable bonds with high shear strength and elongation properties. This makes Acralock adhesives the best choice for applications that need to withstand harsh environmental and shock load conditions. The rapid cure of these adhesives at room temperature substantially decreases the assembly process time.


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