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New primerless structural MMA adhesives

News International-French

7 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The new, patented Acralock MMA structural adhesive range from Engineered Bonding Solutions offers a unique solution for primerless structural bonding in all assembly procedures, where the right balance between strength and durability combined with as little surface preparation as possible and with the fastest possible cure is a major issue.

This special product range, which includes various adhesive types with specific properties, covers most tasks which were only solved using epoxy or polyurethane systems in the past, offering all the advantages of pure MMA technology, especially:

  • high-strength, low-elongation applications (> 30 MPA,
  • medium-strength, medium-elongation applications (>15 MPA,
  • low-strength, high-elongation applications (> 6 MPA,

Additional features make the Acralock adhesive range the best choice for applications that need to withstand harsh environmental and shock load conditions, including:

  • low boiling point and print-through;
  • low shrinkage;
  • low odour;
  • fast curing without additional heat;
  • no/little surface preparation;
  • high chemical resistance;
  • high temperature resistance from -55°C to + 220°C;
  • bonding of difficult-to-bond substrates such as galvanized surfaces, telene, PA, etc.

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