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New process chain costing tool: Achieve significant cost and time savings with Oplysis

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11 Mar 2015

As of April 2015, the newly developed, unique process optimizing software for both technical and economic evaluation and optimization of production process chains, “Oplysis”, implemented by AZL Aachen GmbH in cooperation with the software specialist engidesk GmbH, is launched worldwide and distributed under license by the company Conbility GmbH.

Oplysis is a flexible process optimizing and cost modelling software, aiming to find out where exactly in an existing (manufacturing) process chain efficiency, and thus profitability, can be increased, taking into consideration all parameters from material, over machines to labour. Users can quickly, on their own and without extensive or costly training, create, analyze and optimize their production processes, according to individual requirements and key performance indicators. Ultimately, Oplysis helps its users detect where they can save and gain time and money, e.g. in identifying the costs of intermediate products or of an entire process chain. Oplysis disposes of unique product features, like an integrated automatic sensitivity analysis tool, helping to identify the direct impact of every parameter of interest. In a quick and easy way, different manufacturing alternatives can be compared with each other and economic decisions are supported. The software helps visualize and model simple to highly complex manufacturing process chains, from the material input to the single part cost of the end product. Oplysis can be used e.g. to ramp-up production capacities or to evaluate cycle times and cost drivers of new production process chains. It can be used for significantly improved sales activities, as all companies along the value chain can demonstrate their customers the direct benefit of their products regarding production costs and performance (e.g. material suppliers, system manufacturers).

Dr. Kai Fischer, Managing Director of AZL Aachen GmbH on the inspiration for this development: "The exchange with industrial partnering companies during AZL´s worldwide Market- and Technology Study in 2013 had revealed the strong request for a new software tool supporting the users with a combination of both technical and economic evaluation and decisions. Typical tools are based on calculation sheets, which makes it difficult to directly identify interdependencies between input parameters, elements of the production chain and output parameters. As a result, we are now very proud to launch OPLYSIS, demonstrating the latest methodology of integrated, individual and intuitive process costing, delivering comprehensive and quick results."

The software is locally installed on the user's workstation, all data can stay within the enterprise. Thus, data security is ensured and it is compliant with all secrecy and confidentiality parameters. Through the implementation of Oplysis into the calculation environment of engidesk, it offers a very user-friendly Drag&Drop-interface, interactions of parameters are easily visualized and analysed, functions for secure collaboration internally and with customers are included.

Oplysis has an elegant, appealing and easily comprehensible design. It can be used for any kind of markets, by any kind of companies and it is easy to customize for individual needs. OPLYSIS offers an easy linkability with nearly unlimited calculation procedures like mechanical analyses, and thus, existing information and calculation procedures like excel sheets, MATLAB, .NET & Co can be integrated and linked into the programme in order to establish connections to existing calculations (“input- and outputfunctionality”).

Information can be shared with colleagues and individual calculation procedures can be stored and integrated. The program offers also the possibility to choose between a “white and black box system”, enabling the user to share selected information even outside the direct working environment with the customers, while protecting sensitive calculation details.

Dr. Michael Emonts, Managing Director of AZL Aachen GmbH informs: "For the Composites industry, being Conbility´s initial domestic market, material data, single entries and substantial general information have already been deposited into the system, to facilitate entire technology processes like RTM, pultrusion injection moulding or thermoforming. Conbility works together with AZL for all consulting and development services linked to technical engineering expertise and know-how in lightweight production, like advising which technologies would be most efficient for a specific need or aim. As quick and flexible cost modelling of complex process chains with very low effort is not only needed in the composites industry, the software addresses also other industries where processes can be optimized in terms of time and cost."

Dr. Emonts explains the difference to traditional programming or software costing tools, which is: the quick, simple and intuitive operability in a "what you see is what you get" manner, while dealing with even complex process chains and manufacturing processes. Traditional cost calculating programs are more burdensome and time consuming to use. OPLYSIS addresses differently sized companies (small SMEs to Tier 1, OEM) wanting to benefit from an easy to handle, affordable tool, since the ready to use license cost for one floating license is 4.900 EUR per year."

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