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New process reduce wind blade weight by the reduction of 26% adhesives

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19 Apr 2013

Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co,. Ltd. has been focusing on R & D and manufacture of wind turbine blades and other key parts and components. They have provided wind blades to some wind companies such as Haizhuang Wind, Geoho Energy.

The larger wind turbine capacity, the larger and longer the volume of the blade. To reduce the weight is a critical topic that all the companies are pursuing. After throughout study and research, Mr. Huang Rui told reporters, Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co,. Ltd. (CQGI) has discovered that the wind blade is made of glass fiber that must apply structural adhesive to bond all parts together. Through adhesive process modification, the wind turbine can reduce 26% of the adhesive usage. After the modification, one 8743 kg wind blade can reduce about 200 kg of weight.

In addition, by applying the new technology, the blade manufacturing time has been shortened. It normally takes about 48 hours for the blade manufacturing. Now, it has been reduced to less than 33 hours. Both the reduction of the adhesive usage and the reduction of production time can greatly reduce the production cost of the wind blade.

“At present, we have more than 200 sets of orders in our hands." Huang Rui told, in which, there are more than 100 sets of 2.0MW wind turbine blades have been delivered. Haizhuang Wind is China leading wind turbine manufacturer. Most of the wind blades they are using are supplied by us.” Recently, many Chongqing developed wind fields have large demand for this 2.0MW wind turbine blades.

Allegedly, since January 2010 officially launch of the "2.0MW wind blade research and industrialization" project, as of last year, CQGIC has an annual output value of over 150million Yuan (US$ 24.20 million), output this year is expected to exceed 300 million Yuan (US$ 48.40 million).

At present, CQGIC has built production bases in Jilin province and Mongolia Autonomous Region to reduce the logistics costs and more conveniently serve the local market. They are working on to become the one of top 5 wind blade manufacturers in China in 5 years.

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