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A new product family joins Alzchem’s Dyhard product portfolio

News International-French

26 Sep 2012

The Dyhard project team has developed a new product family, the Dyhard Fluids.

As a liquid hardener with similar properties to the Dyhard ® powder product range it means that in addition to solid processes AlzChem is now contributing to processes such as infusion and injection methods. Marketing manager Joerg Brinkmann comments: “This new development in application technology means we now have products available for both methods. Our liquid hardeners are latent, i.e. the products do not start to react, meaning harden, until a particular temperature is reached. The products offer a wide range of opportunities.

Since they came onto the market in the 50s epoxy resins have found a wide variety of uses, such as in adhesives, casting compounds, composite materials, electrical laminates and coatings. Epoxy hardeners offer high chemical and thermal resistance, combined with outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

The team set up by Joerg Brinkmann and Dr. Martin Ebner is busy presenting the new technology at national and international trade fairs, aiming to generate interest. They are now awaiting feedback from their customers. “If we receive sufficient positive response we can also move into large-scale production. The market for this technology is there in any case”, notes Brinkmann.