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New resin infusion connectors and adapters

News International-French

22 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Airtech continues to develop innovative products and services and will present them during the show.

VAC-RIC HT & LT, new resin infusion connectors
Airtech’s new high- and low-temperature resin infusion connectors, VAC-RIC HT and VAC-RIC LT, provide inexpensive and efficient through-bag connection for vacuum manifold and resin feed lines for high temperature resin infusion applications. Their flat base was designed to be easily placed on the top of the Resintrak or Vactrak tapes. They are also suitable for use with the Dahlpac MC79 vacuum breather pad.

New resin infusion adapter
The new resin infusion adapter (RIA) is a practical tool which can ensure the connection between the resin inlet tube or vacuum line and all Airtech resin infusion connectors.

The sharp-angled end of this new adapter will easily perforate the vacuum bag placed on the top of the connector without the need of scissors. The perforating end perfectly fits inside the central hole of the RIC or VAC-RIC ½" connectors whereas the other end can be connected to the Airtech resin inlet or vacuum tubes whether in polyethylene or silicone. Due to the adapter’s specific internal shape, the cured resin can easily be ejected after the resin infusion process.

This new adapter will perfectly fit with the new SIL-TUBE, a flexible heat and chemical resistant tube suitable for room- to high-temperature resin infusion applications where it can be used as a vacuum channel or as a resin inlet tube. SIL-TUBE will not be compressed during vacuum applications.

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