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New robotic technology for composite part manufacturing

News International-French

30 Sep 2013

JEC Americas 2013 - Many companies in the composite part manufacturing business are seeking means to increase productivity, improve working conditions for their operators, guarantee quality consistency, and achieve control over the production flow.

The robotic solutions developed by Matrasur Composites these benefits to small or large companies around the world.

The company offers two leading-edge robotic application technologies:

  • Robomat: a unique robot featuring a simple and fast programming technology based on copying the movements made by an operator with the robot’s arm. This instantaneous programming technology allows almost any operator to teach the robot while spraying a part. No special programming skills are required. Other than offering this unique technology, the same robot can spray, in turns, a barrier coat, gelcoat, resin, or chopped laminate. Main benefits: Process repeatability, product quality and significant raw material savings.
  • Usimat: this range of robots is especially designed for part trimming and finishing operations. Matrasur Composites offers electric or pneumatic spindles with a wide choice of tools and complementary systems such as mould support carts, floor rotating axes, mould positioning systems, cabins and dust extraction systems. Main benefits: reduced cycle times, high precision, no operator exposure to dust, and the possibility to gather all trimming operations in one area of the workshop.

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