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New sizing technology enhances the properties of epoxy composites

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27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - To meet wind turbines manufacturers' needs for the production of longer and lighter blades, 3B has been collaborating with the whole value chain in the wind industry to bring to market two cost-competitive, high-performance reinforcements with an optimised sizing technology.

Advantex® SE2020 and HiPer-tex™ W2020 have been specifically engineered for epoxy polymer systems and push further the limits of glass fibre blade designs to address new challenges facing the wind industry and to support the growth of multi-mega-watt turbines.


Compared with conventional materials, 3B’s new sizing offers better wet-out, therefore providing a more consistent laminate quality, a significantly improved resin matrix adhesion which delivers higher shear strength (up to 15% in-plane shear strength), and substantially greater interfibre strength (up to 50%). These static property improvements translate into superior dynamic performance. Improvements ranging from 2x to 7x in terms of fatigue life for a given stress level have been measured.


These unique properties, together with the very good hydrolysis resistance and inherent corrosion resistance of 3B boron-free glass, will also be of interest to many other epoxy composite structural applications such as pressure vessels, pipes, leaf springs, etc.


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