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New type wood plastic composite (WPC) material developed

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10 Apr 2013

Shaanxi Xi'an Hongyida Landscape Materials Co. has successfully developed a kind of WPC material.

It is a reinforced wood composite material made with wood powder and recycled plastics as the main raw material, through mixing, processing and molding processes. This material and technology has applied for the national patent in China.

This new WPC material uses the new formulation and new manufacturing processes. The bending and compressive strengths have been greatly improved with excellent mechanical properties. And its water absorption is very small, with better decorating effects and easy processing. From the environmental protection point of view, because of its main raw material is recycled plastics and crop stalks, the material will save timber.

First of all, the WPC properties have been further improved. Based on the traditional formula, different additives have been added in order to enhance the strength of the material. With repeating tests, finally, the various technical indexes of this new WPC material have reached the domestic leading level.

This new type of WPC material has both wood and plastic dual properties. This material not only has wood good buffering effect characteristics and can apply wood processing methods such as sawing, nailing, adhesion, and painting, at the same time, it also has the plastic insect-resistant, anticorrosive, small water absorptio, no deformation, no cracking, good mechanical properties, with characteristics such as good hardness, toughness, wear-resistant, and dimensional stability.

In addition, the company has used single screw extruder for the raw materials they have selected, which is economical and practical and effectively improved the products quality. This is also a rethinking of the old processing technology as the double screw extruder that is more expensive and less practical.

In production process, the company has successfully used rubber cable production technology, they inserted rib between the extruded WPC. This effectively improved the WPC brittleness, greatly increased the product's tensile, compressive strength and flexural strength, fully meet the material strength requirements for glass packaging.

Finally, through a lot of investigation and research of various domestic and foreign glass packaging boxes, the reasonable design has been applied in the glass packaging box structure made of this material. The design has made full use of the design concepts of all kinds of wooden glass packing box of domestic and foreign counterparts both at home and abroad.

Shaanxi Xi'an Hongyida mainly engaged in WPC floors, WPC composite materials, WPC products, WPC plate, WPC furniture, WPC railings engineering, WPC flower box, WPC floor, WPC tray. The products have been sold in Shaanxi, Xi'an, Gansu, Lanzhou, Qinghai, Xining, Ningxia, Yinchuan, Shanxi, Taiyuan etc.

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