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New vinyl ester spray tooling gelcoat

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25 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Scott Bader’s new vinyl ester (VE) spray tooling gelcoat is being launched during the Show.

Scott Bader’s new vinyl ester (VE) spray tooling gelcoat is being launched at JEC Europe 2013. Crystic Gelcoat 15PA is a VE spray tooling gelcoat with a unique base resin technology recently developed by Scott Bader. For GRP tooling, it offers superior gloss retention and resistance to print-through. This VE spray geIcoat is the latest addition to the Crystic Matched Tooling System, which offers mould-makers a brush tooling gelcoat if preferred, along with a VE skincoat and choice of standard or rapid back-up tooling resins.

The gelcoat sprays easily with good coverage and offers superior gloss retention after multiple mould pulls. It is non-gassing, has a very low porosity surface, excellent fibre print-through resistance with Crystic Matched Tooling System and uses a standard MEKP catalyst.

Its key benefits include a high-gloss polished mould finish, enhanced gloss retention, fast mould production, rapid cure even at low temperature and reduced labour time.

Crystic Gelcoat 15PA has been successfully trialled by key customers and is now specified. According to one customer, it sprays very easily and covers nicely with no sagging. The degassing is perfect and no pinholes were found even after sanding the gelcoat surface. But where it really outperforms the competition is in achieving excellent resistance to print-through when vacuum bagging a 2x2 twill carbon fabric of 200 g/m² with epoxy resin.

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