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Nexam Chemicals patent application regarding PETA is approved in Taiwan

News International-French

5 Nov 2014

The company has received a notice of allowance from the patent office in Taiwan stating that it intends to grant the companys patent application for PETA, which is a product for crosslinking a large number of polymers.

PETA is a molecule that improves the properties of e.g. polyimides, nylons and polyesters. Nexam Chemical developed it with the aim of getting a crosslinker with lower curing temperature. Global production of plastics where this product could be used comprises more than 20 million tons / year.

PETA is being evaluated by a large number of potential customers. It concerns e.g. electronics applications, increased efficiency and improvement of manufacturing processes, and improvement of temperature resistance and service life of the materials.

As previously announced, the corresponding European and US applications has also been granted. The granting of the application in Taiwan will further strengthen Nexam Chemicals protection for the crosslinking technology developed by the company. In addition, Nexam Chemical has applied for PETA patents in other markets - including China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Brazil.

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