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Nexcelle deploys a team in Shanghai to support tests and production of LEAP-1C

News International-French

10 Apr 2015

Nexcelle has an established infrastructure in China as the company’s engine nacelle for CFM International’s LEAP-1C Integrated Propulsion System (IPS) is readied for its first flight on COMAC’s C919 commercial jetliner.

The seven-member team located at COMAC’s facilities in Shanghai, China is composed of program representatives from Nexcelle’s two parent companies – Aircelle (of the Safran group), and GE Aviation’s Middle River Aircraft Systems – to ensure a close working relationship with the Chinese aircraft manufacturer and CFM International, which is producing the jetliner’s LEAP-1C engine.

With representatives from its Aircelle (Safran) and GE Aviation Middle River Aircraft Systems parent companies, Nexcelle’s seven-member team in Shanghai is located at COMAC’s facilities.

“This team is the ‘eyes and ears’ of Nexcelle in Shanghai,” said Manuel Rodriguez Arenas, an Aircelle employee who is the Nexcelle LEAP-1C On-Site Nacelle Architect and Integration Leader on-site. “Our Chinese operation’s main mission is to serve as the link to Nexcelle’s teams in France and the U.S.”

Nexcelle’s Chinese team has provided key local support to CFM International and COMAC during the Integrated Propulsion System’s development, and will continue the support during COMAC’s flight test activities and LEAP-1C IPS deliveries for production aircraft.

This is backed by the extensive resources of the Nexcelle parent companies, including GE’s China Technology Center global research facility, which is working with MRAS on the LEAP-1C’s fan cowl and inlet; as well as logistical support from Safran’s office in Shanghai.

“COMAC relies on the long-standing expertise Nexcelle brings together through GE Aviation and Aircelle, and they appreciate having a locally-based team to deliver solutions,” Rodriguez Arenas added.

In the coming months, Nexcelle’s China-based team also will commence operations at CFM International’s site near COMAC’s Shanghai Pudong International Airport final assembly line, where an approximately 1,000 square-meter area is dedicated to assembly of the LEAP-1C Integrated Propulsion System. This operation will have the capability to assemble up to two of these next-generation IPS in parallel.

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