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Nidaplast Composites to present ultra light sandwich panel furniture

News International-French

23 May 2012

Nidaplast Composites offers a new prospect to architects, designers and interior decorators by applying the sandwich panel technique to furniture.

“Sandwich panels are very well known in industry due to their many advantages: lower weight, resistance to impact, thermal comfort, sound insulation, rigidity, etc. Now Nidaplast Composites is offering, in addition to the traditional, well-known applications of the sandwich panel core material, a new combination which brings together technology and aesthetics, for use in our homes or for trim on boats, where the lightness and the ease of shaping and cutting of the core material is particularly appropriate. Materials such as wood, natural stone, aluminium or concrete, when combined with a structural panel in honeycomb, keep their appearance and their aesthetics, while still being cheaper, lighter and stronger” explained Claire Ducreux, Nidaplast Marketing and Communication Manager.


Brief description of the sandwich panel system
This process uses a section of raw material - fine as skin - with very low thickness. This winning combination economises on raw material and also makes the sandwich structure application easier, since it is much lighter in weight, easier to transport and easier to work with.

Another advantage, in terms of durable development, is that the Nidaplast honeycomb panels save energy during their manufacture, their transport and their application and also during their useful lifetime, and all this is due to the reduction in the use of raw materials.


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