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Nidaplast launches parts finishing service for designers and architects

News International-French

7 Feb 2014

Nidaskin line consists in sandwich panels with finished edges of a polypropylene honeycomb core and a choice of 5 different skins: medium-density fibreboard (MDF), high-pressure laminate (HPL), polyester, aluminium and MDF + HPL. Target markets are indoor/outdoor architecture, partitioning, furniture, worktops, private passenger cars, and events.

“What is really new is that our offering allows tailoring our products to our customers’ specifications. Thanks to our honeycomb expertise, we can meet the demands of designers with a custom offer in terms of dimensions, thickness, edges, choice of skin, fire protection possibilities, and more,” says Fabien Vaillant, a Nidaplast engineer.

All the properties of honeycomb to serve design and architecture
“Nidaplast solutions are evolving to meet increasing demand for ultra-lightweight products that are tinted, ready to use, and even more compliant with environmental regulations,” says Mr. Vaillant. This is why Nidaplast is now including parts in its offering of panels, with advantages like low weight, acoustic and heat insulation, and high strength. “Nidaskin is a weight-reducing, material-saving solution,” he adds.

Nidaplast 8 FR, a fire retardant material
Nidaplast Composites is proposing nidaplast 8 FR, a fire retardant material with the capability to slow down flame propagation. Its use enables the finished sandwich panel to keep the same mechanical properties as nidaplast 8, and therefore allows the use of very thin skins. Furthermore, if the skin is classified M1, the entire sandwich panel will also be classified M1.

Rolling out a new strategy with new, innovative products
“We are boosting our international presence and making our product ranges available to international markets (dimensions, certification, etc.). We also are offering services that correspond to our product offer: it has taken us a year to reinforce our international teams and optimize our logistics,” says Group General Manager Patrick Stievenard.

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