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Nissan GT-R with a carbon fiber trunk cover

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3 Feb 2014

Mitsubishi Rayon announced that the trunk cover products the company developed through the PCM (Prepreg Compression Molding) method have been adapted by Nissan "GT-R" year 2014 model.

Mitsubishi Rayon Challenge established PCM method based production system, and began manufacturing trunk cover products from November 2013. The trunk cover products weigh only half of the weight of aluminum alloy products, but the rigidity is better than the aluminum alloy products.

PCM is a production technology to compress the CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite materials) through the stamping molding machine. The technology use the through preform thermosetting epoxy resin with 2 ~ 5 minutes curing time to manufacture the prepreg, and then to place the preform in a mould for heating. And stamping under 3 ~ 10MPa high pressure to form the molding products. This method will shorten the cycle molding operation to about 10 minutes that can be used for the production of automobile parts. In addition, due to the press high temperature and high pressure, the component surface is very smooth, and is also very beautiful after painting. It can be used as class A board member.

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