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Nissei Jushi established its second largest office in Dongguan city

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31 Oct 2013

In order to further explore the South Chinese market, Japanese large injection molding machine manufacturer Nissei Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. recently established a branch in Dongguan city, Guangdong province.

The branch is an affiliate of Shanghai Nissei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., the Nissei Jushi legal representative in China. The branch has officially in August. Currently, Nissei Jushi Dongguan branch has 26 employees, including four Japanese representatives and 22 Chinese staff.

Nissei Jushi Corporation announced in a published statement that due to the adjustment on Chinese government’s manufacturing sector support policies, Nissei Jushi had to give up its customer base located in Shenzhen, and started its re-development of the Dongguan surrounding area .

Nissei Jushi headquartered in Nagano-ken, Japan. It is a world leading manufacturer of injection molding. The company’s main business items include the development, manufacturing and sales of plastic processing machinery, mold processing systems, forming automatic systems, measuring equipment.

The company has a number of agencies, production plants and sales centers around the world. The newly established branch office in Dongguan is Nissei Jushi second largest branch in China. Previously, in order to expand the Chinese market sales and improve the sales efficiency, Nissei Jushi has set up a factory and a branch office in Taicangcity, Jiangsu province.

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