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Non-linear analysis of composite panels and cylinders

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6 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - For accurate analyses of flat and curved composite panels and cylinders – including stiffened ones – the ESAComp 4.4 version released in December 2012 introduces a geometrically non-linear analysis.

Composite panels may carry considerably higher loads than indicated by typical linear analyses, which are accurate only in the small-deflection regime. The ESAComp analysis allows taking loads up to the buckling and post-buckling region, which may reveal considerably different results than a linear buckling analysis. Structures may be sensitive to even small imperfections in their shape, which is accounted for by applying large factors of safety when using the linear buckling analysis.

The geometrically non-linear analysis describes the buckling behaviour more accurately, thus giving better confidence on the performance of the design. The new capability allows performing accurate non-linear analyses with little effort already in the preliminary design phases, thus leading to lighter and more robust designs. Further, when there is a need for performing analyses of the complete structure with general FE software, the ESAComp panel and cylinder analyses provide additional information as to whether geometric non-linearities should be considered in those analyses as well.


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