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The nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modelling platform

News International-French

28 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Digimat is an integrated and unified composites modelling platform developed and commercialized by e-Xstream engineering.

Digimat is an enabling technology and provides design tools that give the user confidence in his composite products thanks to an accurate description of the local composite behaviour. As security factors can be left aside, composite materials are used to their whole potential, maximizing their competiveness against metal and leading to substantial weight reduction. Not only is product development accelerated and material testing costs and time reduced, but going for an optimal design – hence reducing the weight and use of composite materials – also induces some savings from the material and manufacturing point of view. It is generally accepted that an optimal composite design saves around 15% of weight in the part.

Digimat tools integrate smoothly within the current FEA process, bridging the gap between manufacturing process and structural analysis.

Digimat brings together and organizes the complete composite market. It has been used by multiple industries, such as automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, industrial goods, etc. and acts as a link between all key players of the composite industry value chain, starting from material suppliers to Tier1 and OEMs, who can bring daily innovation in their composite products thanks to an optimized design.

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